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On Dec 21st 2015 I conquered one of the scariest things I have had to do. I underwent a total thyroidectomy. What is a thyroidectomy? It is a surgery to remove my entire thyroid. Your thyroid sits at the base of your neck. To do a thyroidectomy they would have to gently move my vocal chords and cut out my thyroid.Needless to say, I was terrified. My surgery was scheduled for 1:30pm, and I had to be at the hospital at noon. As with any surgery you have to fast the night before. No liquids or food after midnight. For me, the food was no issues, however, no liquids was not fun! I live on coffee. Ok, I lied, I LOVE my coffee! Needless to say, when we arrived at the hospital I was tired and pretty thirsty! My nerves were a wreck and I was scared. I got checked in, and they got a I.V going…The I.V insertion was likely my only I’m brave point throughout the whole ordeal. She was about to inject lidocane before inserting the I.V. I asked why, she said to numb the area because I.V needles are pretty big. I’ve had many I.V’s before (I’ve had 4 kids after all) and never had lidocane before hand. First time I had lidocaine was during my biopsy. And it wasn’t plesant, that stuff burns. I asked her to just do the I.V and not use the lidocaine. My surgeon, Dr.Jabiev was running a little late with his last case so we were waiting a bit. Around 2:30 he came in and signed my neck. I also had met one of the two anesteaologist. The first one I met, he didn’t seem too friendly. He was very soft spoken and really did not do anything to make me feel at ease. We had explained to him the last time I was under general anesteshia (i had knee surgery when I was 10) I ended up throwing up afterwards. I had also mentioned this little bit during my pre op phone interview. Around 3 the 2nd anesthesiologist came in with the surgerical nurse. It was go time. They were going to give me a “cocktail” right before wheeling me to the operation room to help calm me down. I liked this anesthesiologist.He was nice, and funny and put me at ease. I kept thinking “there is no way the meds are going to hit me before we get to the operating room.If i see that room I’m going to panic.” That wasn’t the case. I don’t know what they gave me but it hit quick. According to my mother and husband I kept saying I felt drunk! I don’t remember the ride to the operating room at all. All I remember is seeing the big surgical lights above me and yellow tile on the wall. That was it.The surgery took 3 hours- he was finished around 6pm.I don’t remember being in recovery, or being moved to another building.My first coherent memory was after midnight. I was not feeling good at all. I had major sore calfs (they couldn’t figure out why), My throat was raw (from the breathing tube) and I felt horribly sick to my stomach….that horribly sick to my stomach ended up with a big mess. I felt so bad for my nurses. Let me tell you though, with a neck wound and throwing up- it was not pleasant. But my stomach felt better afterwards!!!Apparently I am one of the few no matter how much anti nausea medications they pump in, have post operative vomiting. I guess I don’t handle anesthesia very well. Overall besides not being able to speak above a whisper I was doing well.They were managing my pain really well. I was able to see my surgeon the next morning. My calcium levels were good and was given the ok to go home!

I am almost 2 weeks post op now and I am doing well. I lose my voice every now and again, and I am tired, a lot. My body is relying solely on synthetic hormones to regulate my metabolism, heart rate, body temp etc. Think of it this way, your car takes 93 octane gas to run in top performance…You put in 83 octane. It wont run in its top proformance. My hormones are like that, but more like 80 octane.I see my surgeon on Tuesday to get find out the staging of the cancer. I wont see my endo until the 15th. Once I see my endo I will find out about radiation.

Sorry there are not more pictures, I had fully intended to do photos in recovery…however I was not anticipating being out of it or so long!

I want to thank everyone that has sent cards, made donations, texted me, and emailed me. It meant a lot.

Tomorrow,I celebrate my 33rd birthday, with a positive outlook!

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